• SwissGroove is a Swiss webradio operated by the non-profit organization (friendly society) SwissGroove, c/o Peter Böhi, Bahnhofstrasse 14, 9450 Altstätten, Switzerland.
  • SwissGroove is licensed by SUISA, paying royalty fees to artists.
  • SwissGroove is licensed by IFPI-Switzerland (responsible for the rights of CD manufacturers
  • Some of the music we play has “explicit content”. Parental Advisory apply!
  • With the public shoutbox and the forum on the site you have the possibility to interact with SwissGroove and other listeners. Use it for appropriate messages ONLY. DO NOT misuse it for comments on or links to “adult sites”. All your entries are recorded including your IP and if we notice unsuitable content for our general listeners, we don’t hesitate take legal steps.
  • We do strongly discourage you from recording (ripping) our stream. We are only licenced to stream/broadcast music. If you’re a music-lover, pay for the music you want to obtain for yourself.
  • If you want to relay our stream over your own server, for your LAN or for public use, please do notify us beforehand.