Who is SwissGroove?

SwissGroove is an internet radio run as a non-profit organization called “SwissGroove” located in Altstaetten, Switzerland. Its members, under the knowledgeable guidance of Peter Böhi, all music aficionados of various genres, aim to play mainly music from artists off mainstream that are rarely played on other radio stations nowadays.

We get additional support by several DJs and helpers from various parts ot the world, who produce music specials or help out in many other ways.

SwissGroove, founded by Patrik Jungo, has been online since May 2003 while SmoothVibes, as a music channel, ran from May 2006 until December 2007. This channel was programmed by Harry Melchior and the current president, Peter Böhi, providing mainly smooth jazz and related styles. Additionally, Peter Böhi runs a website called Smooth Jazz Vibes that has already been online since 1996, informing about the smooth jazz scene in depth. In December 2007 both channel were merged continuing under the “SwissGroove” brand.  Currently, Peter, along with Harry and Jeff Daniels continue to introduce our audience to new releases, timeless classics, and global sounds.

SwissGroove radio is licenced by SUISA Switzerland. We feature a steady flow of music which is interrupted by few jingles/station ids and short announcements by presenters once in a while.

The playlist has grown over 20’000 hand-picked tracks (from our countless archive) from the present and the past of various genres and styles, and it is growing daily. The makers don’t believe in the common “Broadcast Architecture” used by many radio stations worldwide. They merely believe in music and only play what they like themselves!

Press articles about SwissGroove

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Ensuite, No. 62, February 2008
Jazz ‘n’ More, printed edition (04/2007)
Tagesanzeiger, printed- & online-edition (05/2005)
Luzerner Woche (09/2008)
Sonntagszeitung, (10/2008)
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CD ‘Funk Ain’t A Word’(Brown Sugar), 06/2008
CD ‘Jeff Cascaro – Mother & Brother’(Herzog Records), 09/2008

Musiksymposium Fürigen 2008:
Webradio wird erwachsen, Thomas P. Illes, SwissGroove

Jazztalk at the Jazzahead 2008
The Future Of Jazz In Public Radio, Thomas P. Illes, SwissGroove

How can I listen to the SwissGroove audiochannel?

Look for the mediaplayer link on the main page. Choose your preferred/installed player and the music will start playing. If you are prompted to download a file, download the file and open it in your preferred/installed player.  You can also listen using available phone networks that have mobile device applications (80sRadio, NextRadio,  TuneIn, etc)

Software to listen to our stream are XMPlay (Windows), Winamp (Windows) , XMMS (Linux), iTunes (Mac and Windows), SoundApp (Mac), MPG123 (others) or hardware (network players) with MP3-Streaming capability.

Please use this link in your media player: http://www.swissgroove.ch/listen.php

If this doesn’t work or you have technical questions please send us an e-mail at [email protected].

What is required to listen to SwissGroove?

In order to listen to our audiochannels, you need the following requirements:

Broadband-Internet connection such as cable, DSL, satellite, etc.
MP3-Player (Software) such as XMPlay (Windows, recommended!), Winamp (Windows) , XMMS (Linux), iTunes (Mac), SoundApp(Mac), MPG123 (others) or hardware with MP3-Streaming capability, e.g. by KISS, Pinnacle, etc.
Soundcard and speakers or headphones connected to your PC or hardware.

Please also note that it might be possible that you’re unable to connect to our servers due to a temporary server related problem or problems with your own internet connection.

In this case, try to connect to another webradio and see if that works. If not, reset your dsl-modem or router or restart your pc.

If the problems are on our side, you can be sure that we are working on it. So check back later again.

Important!!! People stuck behind a tight “firewall” at home or work are currently able to tune in to our station using the servers streaming via port 80.

Do I need to be registered or be a SwissGroove member in order to listen?

No.  All you have to do to listen is to choose a mediaplayer from the drop down in the menu bar.

How do you finance SwissGroove radio?

The webradio is mainly financed by ourselves plus donations from our listeners which is essential to keep us going. Recently, we have also started to accept advertisements in our stream. Besides that, we get financial aid from sponsors and we make a few bucks through selling CDs via our partners Amazon & Cede.ch.

Your donations are mainly needed to pay for royalty fees to artists and record-labels (through SUISA) and to buy new music. Much money has also been invested into bandwidth & sophisticated hardware-infrastructure.

We welcome your support.

Yes! We are a non-profit 501(C)(3) who rely heavily on listeners donations and generosities to fund our broadcast station.   We recently started to accept more advertisements on our stream to help us as we finance the digitizing of timeless classics, paying artist royalty fees, and purchasing diverse music from around the world.  Regrettably, we do not produce or design advertisements.  You will have to work with a company that provides this service.  Note: All advertising-campaigns are subject of acceptance. We reserve the right to reject any campaign that we think is not suited for our audience.

At SwissGroove, our advertisements are based on the global market in order to cross the world’s 24 plus time zones.   Our commercials are played hourly, in comparison to terrestrial radio stations advertisements are usually based on day parts (morning, mid-day, etc.).   With us, you have the opportunity to place  banner and trailer advertisements.  We currently offer two different placements for your banner or your trailer:

Banner Advertisement

1080 x 400px

Trailers (Audio-File)

They should be succinct and professionally produced.  We only accept JPEG and GIF files.

One or Two 30-second trailer per hour

One or Two  60-second trailer per hour

High Medium Low Complimentary
On Quarterly Events Guide website website website website
Banner Ad Placement On Website 1080 x 400 px Front page rotating with other banners. Front page rotating with other banners. Front page rotating with other banners. None
On Air (Audio) Commercials Two 60-Second Features per hour Two 30-Second Features or One 60-Second Feature per hour One 30-Second Feature per hour None
Two Months Ad Campaign SFr CHF 750
Euro €642
USD $755
SFr CHF 600
Euro €516
USD $604
SFr CHF 450
Euro €390
USD $451
One Month Ad Campaign SFr CHF 500
Euro €428
USD $504
SFr CHF 400
Euro €344
USD $403
SFr CHF 300
Euro €259
USD $303

contact our marketing representative for further information.


Can the songs played on your music-channels be downloaded from your website?

No. We are only licensed to stream music (webcast) but not offer it to our listeners for download.

We do strongly discourage you from “ripping” (downloading/saving) our stream to your PC. Again, legally, we’re licenced to broadcast music and NOT to offer music for download purposes. So please comply to these regulations or go somewhere else. Thank you so much!

Can I request a song?

Currently, we’re not supporting this option.

Do you support & play music by independent artists?

Yes, we definitely do. Many of the songs played are actually from independent artists that can be found on various music-platforms such as CDBaby.com, IC-Musicmedia, etc. Others have sent us their music for airplay consideration and we’re always interested in finding, playing & supporting such artists.

You can either send us your CD or a download link to your music files (WAV preferred). You can also point us to a website/server where we can legally download your music.

How can I help you promote your channels?

If you have a website, use one of our logos or buttons found here and link to our site. And of course, spread the word!